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Frequently Asked Questions

When was The Shore Group Founded?
The Shore Group was founded in 2008. We've been getting ever stronger since then!
What services do you offer?
The Shore Group deliver innovative support services that power the biggest projects across the UK and Ireland, focusing on the construction, property, FM, Retail, and M&E sectors

Powered by an innovative, integrated supply chain model across our services, our approach reduces risk, cost and complexity. With a relentless focus on project delivery and risk management, we partner with clients to continuously innovate and re-define the sectors we work in, solving key client challenges.
Service Expertise:
  • Site Logistics: Data centres | Major Projects | Infrastructure | Security-Cleared
  • Retail Services: Project Delivery | FM | Merchandising | Installations
  • Integrated Services: Asset Management | FM | Small Works | Capital Projects
  • Construction: £2m - £100m PBSA and BTR development
  • M&E: Project delivery | Up to £2m
  • Blue-collar recruitment: 100,000 worker database | M&E | Construction | Fit-Out | Rail
  • White-collar recruitment: Permanent | Interim | Temporary. £30k- £100k roles
  • Executive Search: Retained search | Construction & Head Office roles
  • Compliance: Accreditations, Supply Chain Risk | Worker Assurance
  • Payroll: 150,000 payments per year | Workers, Contractor & Agency
Each of our services is led by a separate management team, providing expert leadership and sector specific knowledge: Services are offered on an expert, standalone basis or as a bespoke package designed to support for your requirements.
Which markets do you operate in?
Our primary markets is the UK. We also power projects in Europe, the Middle East and Australia.
Where is your Head Office?
The Shore Group head office is based in Hove. Our address is First Floor South Heversham House, 19 Boundary Rd, Hove BN3 4EF.
We have additional UK offices in Chatham, Brentwood, Southampton, Nottingham, Chester and Gatwick.
Who owns The Shore Group?
The Shore Group's majority shareholders are the founders, Lewis Yorke-Johnson and James Hobden.
What accreditations do you hold?
The Shore Group hold the following accreditations. Where appropriate, the renewal date for each accreditation is included:
ISO45001 – 06/11/2023
ISO27001 - 06/11/2023
ISO9001 - 06/11/2023
ISO14001 - 06/11/2023
CHAS / SMAS – 28/02/2023
REC – 31/12/2022
GLA – 01/03/2023
Achilles Building Confidence – 21/04/2023
Constructionline Gold
Safe Contractor – 07/06/2023
What insurances do you hold?
The Shore Group maintains comprehensive insurance policies reviewed on annual basis. Please contact us for details of the policies, limits of indemnities and exclusions.
What is your Health & Safety policy?
We are committed to occupational, health and safety, the reduction of risk, accidents and ill health, so far as is reasonably practicable, and to the promotion of a safe working environment. Our Health and Safety policy is integral to operational management and is supported by the provision of competent occupational, health and safety advice.
Please contact us for a copy of the full policy
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your data protection / GDPR policy?
We are committed to full compliance with GDPR regulations and best practice. Please contact us to request a full copy of this policy
What sectors do you operate in?
The Shore Group is focused on the construction and fit-out, M&E and retail sectors.
Who are the directors of The Shore Group
We have a fantastic board of directors, each of whom bring with them a wealth of knowledge and expertise in their fields. You can meet our team by clicking here
What is your Modern Slavery Policy
We are committed to eliminating modern slavery, human trafficking, forced labour, and similar human rights abuses. Modern slavery is a crime and a violation of fundamental human rights. All types of modern slavery have in common the deprivation of a person's liberty by another in order to exploit them for personal or commercial gain.We are committed to ensuring that our staff and any workers we supply (directly or indirectly) are not subject to behaviour or threats that may amount to modern slavery, human trafficking, forced labour, and similar human rights abuses.We are also committed to ensuring there is transparency in our own business and in our approach to tackling modern slavery throughout our business relationships, consistent with our disclosure obligations under the Modern Slavery Act 2015. As part of this process, we have undertaken a review of our supply chain to identify and assess potential risk areas.
Please contact us to request a full copy of this policy
What is your Drugs and Alcohol policy?
Please contact us to request a full copy of this policy.
What is your Disciplinary & Grievances policy?
Please contact us to request a full copy of this policy.
How do you ensure workers and operatives are compliant?
We ensure strict compliance checks are carried for all candidates, workers and services we supply. We verify the identity of each worker and their right to work before supply commences. All slavery and human trafficking laws must be complied with including, but not limited to, the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015.
How do you manage risk in your supply chain?
The Shore Group undertakes due diligence when considering taking on new suppliers and when working with new subcontractors, and regularly reviews its existing suppliers and subcontractors. The company’s due diligence and reviews include:
evaluating the modern slavery and human trafficking risks of each new supplier;
conducting supplier audits or assessments, which have a greater degree of focus on slavery and human trafficking where general risks are identified;
taking steps to improve substandard suppliers' practices, including providing advice to suppliers and requiring them to implement action plans;
participating in collaborative initiatives focused on human rights in general, and slavery and human trafficking in particular;
invoking sanctions against suppliers that fail to improve their performance in line with an action plan or seriously violate our supplier code of conduct, including the termination of the business relationship.

What value-added services are offered by The Shore Group?
The Shore Group is committed to working in partnership with clients to maximise value, reduce waste and proactively manage costs. In addition to our core services, we continually innovate and offer more to our clients. Recent innovations include our proprietary portal, our unique partnership with American Express and the launch of Shore Group Logistics re-inventing construction site services.
What is your CSR policy?
Our CSR programme is driven by our brand ideal belief; that every action we take is better for clients, for workers, our team and the communities we serve. Developed over a number of years and ever expanding, delivery of CSR programme targets is a responsibility of every member of The Shore Group. Each element of our CSR programme fits with our brand ideal, creating benefits throughout the community and our supply chain. As part of our strategic partnership with clients, our CSR programme is designed to help them achieve their CSR goals and in particular meet the Section 106 requirements of each project. Please contact us for full details of our CSR Programme.
What is your Equal Opportunities policy?
We are proud to be an equal opportunities employer and to support equal opportunities in all our recruitment processes. Please contact us to request a full copy of this policy