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Complete Labour Management and Visibility

Cost Control and Compliance in Your Hands

Paul Parker
Paul ParkerBrand Manager
With inflation high and rising, already tight project budgets are coming under ever greater pressure. Raw materials were the first to rise, impacted by rises in the oil price, soaring shipping costs and factory shutdowns due to covid. More recently, a combination of the tight employment market and cost of living pressures, mean that payroll costs are now on the rise too.

As well as maintaining our laser-focus on effective labour sourcing, The Shore Group are pioneering a new approach to agency labour cost control, eliminating the risk of over-spending on labour budgets with real-time access to your costs.

The Shore Group Portal provides complete project visibility from mobile devices or on your desktop. The secure, password protected app, allows you to track the project labour spend across all of your projects. With the added benefit of being able to set alerts and track agency spend against your budget, clients have great cost control than ever.

In-depth reporting on overall predicted spend with the flexibility to report by operative, week or month gives clients the data they need to make empowered decisions. With accurate, real-time reporting clients can tracker agency labour spend as it happens and eliminate overspends which can put the most pressure on project budgets.

The granular reporting allows you to manage your overall budgets as well as drill down into any unbudgetted overtime or unplanned increases in operative numbers which can place the greatest pressures on overall budgets.

The Portal solves so many of the problems major projects face. We’ve got clients using it to totally elimate unbudgetted agency labour spend. Others have their Compliance teams use it directly to ensure workers are compliant.
We're continuing to develop the Portal to add more and more functionality and we’re working directly with clients on this so that our development plan meets their pain points.

In addition to spend control, the Portal provides total transparency on worker records including contract length, hours worked and pay rates. The in-depth worker profiles also give you access to the complete worker compliance records including proof of identification, proof or right to work and skills card documentation. The Portal even includes the option to view and download all original documentation, providing comprehensive data for your risk management processes.

The documentation for each worker forms part of the comprehensive compliance checks undertaken by our Compliance division, giving you peace of mind regarding the operatives on your site. Our compliance process covers multiple risks including modern slavery, engagement of illegal workers, national minimum wage and health and safety legislation. 

The Portal also makes it easier than ever to manage the agency labour on your site with total access to your own operative databse. Using the Portal, clients can place labour orders at the touch of a button, requesting the new operatives and trades that you need.

The labour request process allows you to add the operatives you need including when you need them. This includes the option to select labour you have previously used and rated, adding in greater levels of control of worker quality and reducing site induction time. This automatically updates your Shore Group consultant, freeing you up to focus on other jobs.

It’s a great example of our Brand Ideal in action. The Portal has obvious benefits for clients, it simplifies processes for workers and our team, plus it’s better for the local community as it further strengthens worker compliance ensuring safety on site.

The Portal demonstrates our commitment to our Brand Ideal, providing better solutions for clients, workers, our team and the communities we service. As a core part of our service, the Portal is included within our labour provision for clients with no additional charges for access or use. This includes multiple logins for your project, procurement and risk management colleagues.

If you’d like a demonstration of the Portal to see how this could benefit your projects, contact us for more information.

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Paul Parker
Paul ParkerBrand Manager