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A Shore Group Legend

Carey Jelliman reaches 10 years with The Shore Group

Paul Parker
Paul ParkerBrand Manager
Here we go again...
Today we are shouting from the roof tops to welcome Carey Jelliman to the exclusive 10-year Shore Group anniversary club.
Carey is a true Shore Legend in every sense of the word! She protects us in times of need, and she is our project master. Detailed, organised, diligent, professional, hard working, straight talking, and above all she gets things done. In our opinion every successful company needs a Carey and we’re so lucky to have her in the business.
To mark this special day we do what we do best with another trip to see our friends at Mappin & Webb and another gift to celebrate this special day.
Congratulations Carey on this amazing achievement and to celebrate we’re going to join her in doing what she loves most which includes drinking a nice glass of whiskey and hopefully a quick dip in the English channel!

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Paul Parker
Paul ParkerBrand Manager