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Ukraine to UK: A Logistics Story

Interview with our Logistics Traffic Marshall Serhii, on his journey from Ukraine to the UK.

“Coming to the UK with my family escaping the war in Ukraine was a difficult but necessary decision.”
As a result of the war in Ukraine, many have had to up their lives and move to a new country, a new job and create a whole new life. With so many challenges, how do you find a job when you have a language barrier to break through? 
Meet Serhii, Shore Logistics Traffic Marshall on-site at The Forum for main contractor Kier. He found himself asking this exact question. Before joining The Shore Group Serhii worked managing large renewable energy projects, with a background in economics and finance, he was navigating complex builds, but then the war began. 

Moving to the UK for his family's safety, Serhii attended the Gloucester Job Fair on the lookout to get back into the construction industry. This is where he met The Shore Group, where he was offered a Traffic Marshalls job on The Forum Kier site. Although different from his life before he was excited for the opportunity. 
“Working as a Traffic Marshall has been a great learning experience. I've gained valuable insight into the daily operations of a major construction site. It's been particularly rewarding to see how crucial clear communication and organisation are to keeping everything running smoothly. What was new to me was the use of software to manage and plan deliveries and collections from the site, as well as the use of revolutionary digital technologies that allow us to connect all stakeholders throughout the construction lifecycle.”
Serhii is committed to constantly developing and progressing, ultimately to build his career. He’s taken part in many courses provided by Shore Logistics and Kier including as a Trained Operator in Plant Machinery and Vehicle Marshall, Fire Marshall and CantiDeck Loading Platforms Training. He notes thanks to Dai Bates-Moss our Logistics Manager, who actively involves Serhii in logistics, health and safety, environmental protection and charity events. 
“Among others, the most exciting for me is planning the separate disposal of construction waste, ensuring safe routes for pedestrians and heavy vehicles, warehouse logistics, and installation and dismantling of super-heavy cranes. This has boosted my confidence and opened doors I wouldn't have seen before.”
Looking to the future Serhii has a great interest in managing risks and negative impacts on the environment on construction sites. It’s great that our team on-site have a massive interest in the environment, for the industry to change it starts with the mindsets of those involved. We’re excited to see where Serhii’s journey goes as he’s been a massive asset to our team, and we are sure Serhii is one to watch for the future. 
“Having Serhii on-site has been a pleasure! He's been determined from day one, starting with his meeting with The Shore Group at the Gloucester job fair. He's enthusiastic about contributing to many areas, especially keen on the use of technology on-site, waste reduction, and the environment. Serhii has become a key member of our team and we're confident he has a bright future ahead!"
Dai Bates-Moss, Shore Logistics Manager

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