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Re-Inventing Logistics in Gloucester

A Closer Look at The Forum Redevelopment Project

Ben Lovett
Ben LovettOperations Director
The revitalisation of urban spaces is not only a testament to progress but also a commitment to the communities they serve. In the heart of Gloucester, a city renowned for its rich history and vibrant culture, a transformation is underway that promises to redefine the landscape of the region. Spearheading this project is the renowned construction company, Kier, whose vision is set to breathe new life into the area with the King's Quarter redevelopment project.
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King’s Quarter Gloucester (https://www.forumdigital.co.uk/the-forum)
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Situated within the King’s Walk shopping centre and Kings Square, the £107 million King's Quarter development project is poised to be a game-changer. Spanning across 135,000 square feet, the project designed to encompass a diverse blend of spaces, including 130-room accommodation for a hotel, 43 residential apartments, and an expansive office space. 
As an added delight, street-level offerings such as cafes, bars, and restaurants are also incorporated into the plan, seamlessly integrating the vibrancy of the city with contemporary architecture.
At the forefront of this visionary undertaking is Kier, a leading name in the construction industry known for its commitment to excellence and innovation. Embracing the responsibility of orchestrating this grand transformation, Kier's involvement in the King's Quarter redevelopment project is more than just about construction. With a pledge to uphold the highest standards of service, Kier's contribution extends far beyond the traditional role.
Central to their engagement is the comprehensive Shore Group Site Logistics package that encompasses an array of crucial services. This includes efficient waste management strategies, ensuring the site's cleanliness and sustainability. Moreover, the implementation of stringent site security measures ensures the safety of all involved. The provision of hoists and their meticulous management ensures the smooth functioning of the construction process. With meticulous delivery management and a focus on adhering to strict timelines.
The team's dedication to maintaining the highest standards is further exemplified through their commitment to environmental sustainability. Effective control over noise, vibration, and dust management not only underscores their commitment to the local community's well-being but also emphasises their eco-conscious approach to construction.
With the project on track for completion in 2024, the King's Quarter redevelopment project stands as a testament to the potential for urban spaces to be transformed into dynamic, sustainable, and community-centred hubs. Through the skilful execution of multifaceted services, this ambitious project is set to leave an indelible mark on Gloucester, further solidifying its position as a city embracing progress without compromising its rich heritage.
To stay updated on the latest developments and progress of the King's Quarter redevelopment project, visit the project page on the Kier website at:
or https://www.forumdigital.co.uk/

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Ben Lovett
Ben LovettOperations Director