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Compliance in the construction industry, retail worker compliance, rail industry compliance and on-site compliance. Risk management employing workers. Average monthly compliance is 98.5% and 10 Accreditations.

Lisa NortonQuality & Implementation Manager
Our Compliance division oversees all aspects of compliance and risk management at The Shore Group. Operating both as an expert service for our clients, as well as underpinning internal risk management and compliance, the Compliance division is a driving force within the Group.
The Compliance division was originally set-up to ensure compliance with HMRC and Home Office legislation and regulation, and this remains a core purpose today. However, our Compliance division also manage our certifications and accreditations designed to help us manage risk and strengthen our compliance standards, remaining ahead of the legislation.
Risk Management and Compliance is a core business strategy at The Shore Group. We believe that market-leading risk management is an integral part of our brand ideal; better for clients, workers, our team and the communities we serve.
Our compliance strategy is built into our business process and systems. This end-to-end approach ensures core risks are continually managed and communicated with clients. Our latest addition to worker compliance checks means all worker documentation is available for clients to review via the Shore Group Portal in real-time. This gives clients ever greater visibility and control.
The Compliance Division manage critical risks throughout the supply chain playing an important role in legal and regulatory compliance, health and safety and supply chain financial stability. Our approach to risk management is an integral part of our strategic partnerships with clients, and provides the strong foundations for our continual innovation. 
We're happy to invite our clients in to give them the chance to complete their own external audit to help offer an extra level of assurance. Our Compliance division also shares its expertise via consulting projects, spreading best practice throughout the supply chain.

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Lisa NortonQuality & Implementation Manager