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Kier Group Awards Us The Supply Chain Social Value Award

The Kier Group recognises The Shore Group’s commitment to social value with an award for our work on The Forum project in Gloucester.

Ben Lovett
Ben LovettOperations Director
We are pleased to announce that Kier Group has awarded us the Supply Chain Social Value Award, recognising our commitment to supporting CSR activities on-site at The Forum in Gloucester, a major project for Kier Group.
This award reflects the collective hard work and dedication of our entire team. It highlights our consistent efforts to integrate social value into our supply chain practices and ensure that our projects benefit both our clients and the wider community.
Importance of CSR
Corporate Social Responsibility is a fundamental aspect of our operations. We prioritise initiatives that foster sustainable development and strengthen community resilience. This recognition from Kier Group motivates us to continue our mission of driving positive social impact through our work.
Acknowledging Key Contributions
We would like to extend our thanks to everyone involved, particularly our logistics manager, David Bates-Moss. David's exceptional coordination and commitment have been instrumental in achieving this milestone at The Forum in Gloucester.
Moving Forward
While we celebrate this achievement, we remain focused on future opportunities to enhance our CSR efforts. This award inspires us to continue building on our successes and to strive for even greater contributions to the communities we serve.
Thank you to Kier Group for this honour and to our dedicated team for their ongoing commitment to excellence. We look forward to continuing our journey towards making a meaningful difference through our projects and partnerships.
Kier Social Values Award

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Ben Lovett
Ben LovettOperations Director