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How A Recruiter Can Add Social Value

Build a positive social footprint with a recruitment partner specialising in social value initiatives.

The construction industry is undergoing a transformation. Social value initiatives are no longer a nicety – they're a core consideration for securing contracts, building a strong reputation, and fostering positive relationships with the communities you impact. 
This is where a recruitment partner specialising in social value becomes essential. They'll help you navigate the complexities and ensure your construction projects leave a lasting positive impact.
Turning compliance into positive impact…
Many construction projects require fulfilling Section 106 agreements, outlining social value outcomes you must achieve. Beyond compliance, social value is about creating a positive impact. 
The challenges...
Finding qualified candidates. Aligning your recruitment efforts with social value goals requires accessing a diverse talent pool.
Building community engagement. Connecting with local charities, educational institutions, and community groups can be time-consuming.
Developing training programs. Upskilling the local workforce requires expertise, training providers and talented individuals looking for an opportunity. 
5 ways your recruitment partner can help you achieve your social value goals: 
1. Build a diverse workforce by finding qualified candidates by partnering with local charities and employment groups, fulfilling social value goals and promoting community inclusion. Example here: LinkedIn CSR Newsletter 
2. Involve the community by organising taster days for students and recent grads to explore career options. 
3. Upskilling your workforce, develop training programs and apprenticeships, including the upskilling of the local community, putting you in contact with the right candidates. Example here: Jayden's Story
4. Hosting community groups for site visits or initiatives to foster transparency and engagement. This offers residents a chance to see your work first-hand and gives groups a unique experience.
5. Organising charity events on-site, raising funds and inviting local charities to participate. This could involve talks to outreach programs. 
Recruitment partners don't just fill positions, they also provide insights and strategies to help achieve your social value goals throughout construction projects. Working with a specialist in social value initiatives can greatly benefit your projects, ensuring compliance, enhancing reputation, and making a positive impact on communities.
Want to discuss your project’s social value requirements, contact: office@theshoregroup.co.uk

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