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Navigating Retail Challenges As A Merchandiser

Retail Merchandising Jobs for Former Wilko Employees, What Qualifications Do You Need For Merchandising and How to Break into the Merchandising Industry Without Experience.

Dan Chittenden standing on a balcony overlooking a marina full of boats
Dan ChittendenRetail Division
In recent times, the retail landscape has seen significant transformations, impacting many within the industry. News of Wilko's recent administration sent ripples through the industry, affecting approximately 9,000 workers. Amidst uncertainties caused by recent events, there have been stores persevering under new ownership and others finding innovative ways to adapt. Embracing change as an opportunity is crucial in navigating the shifting tides of the retail world.
What Does Merchandising Involve

Merchandising revolves around the strategic presentation and sale of products. Whether it involves refreshing existing inventories, promotional strategies, reimagining store aesthetics, or launching new retail spaces, effective merchandising remains paramount, influencing overall sales. Exceptional merchandising is more than a strategy and can unlock unparalleled business success.

What Qualifications Do You Need For Merchandising

Merchandising qualifications are not mandatory as substantial on-the-job training is available. Some individuals may possess prior qualifications from courses like visual merchandising, health and safety, etc. While not imperative, these can still bolster a candidate's prospects during their job search.
How to Break into the Merchandising Industry Without Experience

Numerous customer service positions in retail can pave the way for practising merchandising, as these roles often expand to encompass visual merchandising, product merchandising, and promotional tasks. Several merchandising positions may consider applicants without prior experience, making it worthwhile to enquire.

Our Approach to Retail Support

At the core of Nottingham, our retail division provides tailored merchandising solutions, drawing from over 60 years of experience. Our programmes offer real-time reporting and seamless end-to-end project experiences, from planning to execution. Providing our merchandisers, the opportunity for development and growth in honing their skills.  
Moving forward our aim is to support those affected by recent retail shifts and provide opportunities, working with our partners to place individuals in retail merchandising positions. 
Building A Future In Retail Merchandising

A range of merchandising prospects is available, one of our specialities is supermarket retail merchandising. Some of the partnered retailers we work with include Poundland, COOP, and Sainsbury’s. The duties and responsibilities of a supermarket merchandiser involve adhering to plans to effectively showcase products and create optimal points of sale for customers. Given the hands-on and visual nature of this work, it suits individuals who are organised, with an attention to detail, and comfortable with a dynamic job environment.
Our Nottingham office welcomes individuals affected by recent industry changes, with retail merchandising jobs for former Wilko employees available. Whether you are facing redundancy or seeking a new beginning, we encourage you to take the first step towards a new chapter by applying to become a merchandiser.

The Shore Group Merchandising Job Benefits: 

• National retail work available  • Work all year round  • Competitive rates of pay  • Mileage allowance  • Paid accommodation and travel 
 Whether looking for retail merchandising jobs in Nottingham or Nationwide. 
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Dan Chittenden standing on a balcony overlooking a marina full of boats
Dan ChittendenRetail Division