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Shore Group Logistics and CantiDecks Feature in Construction UK Magazine

We are thrilled to announce that Construction UK Magazine has showcased Shore Group Logistics and CantiDecks, an innovative creation by Conquip Engineering Group, in their recent feature on the Kings Quarter project in Gloucester led by main contractor Kier Group!
Our Shore Group Logistics team takes pride in adopting a collaborative approach, working seamlessly with the entire supply chain to ensure that the project's logistics align precisely with the construction roadmap.
Seamless Planning for Precision Execution
Our team excels in integrating operational interfaces, resources, and delivery plans into meticulously crafted 12-, 6-, and 1-week plans. This precision synchronisation ensures that every aspect of the project aligns perfectly with the construction timeline, eliminating delays and optimising efficiency.
Pro-Active Partnerships for Efficiency
From the tender stage to job completion, we believe in forming strong partnerships with our clients. This proactive approach allows us to eliminate inefficiencies and reduce costs in the operating model. The collaborative effort not only benefits our clients but also enhances the well-being of our team and the communities we serve.
Commercial Clarity for Informed Decision-Making
Transparency is at the core of our operations. Our transparent pricing model empowers clients with full visibility and control over site costs. We believe that informed decision-making is crucial for successful project outcomes, and our commitment to commercial clarity reflects this belief.
Tech-Driven Solutions for Proactive Planning
In an era where data drives decisions, we pride ourselves on being tech-driven. Our proactive planning and decision-making are powered by real-time data, enabling us to stay ahead of challenges and ensure the smooth progression of every project we undertake.
Congratulations to Shore Group Logistics, Kier Group, and Conquip Engineering Group for achieving excellence in proactive logistics! 
For more insight check out the feature on Construction UK Magazine

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