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Building Excellence: Unveiling the Numbers Behind The Shore Group's Role in Edward Street Quarter

The impact of The Shore Group's skilled labour and recruitment expertise in the completion of Edward Street Quarter. From supplying high-quality labour to exceeding expectations. The numbers behind the recruitment project, upskilling initiatives, and local benefits The Shore Group helped drive.

Paul Parker
Paul ParkerBrand Manager
The development of Edward Street Quarter was a monumental project requiring the expertise and support of The Shore Group's recruitment team. Tasked with supplying high-quality skilled labour to assist McLaren, our team played a crucial role in ensuring the successful completion of this significant undertaking.

As we reflect on the project, the numbers speak volumes and tell a remarkable story of our involvement. The project spanned from August 2021 to April 2023. Throughout this period, we provided an impressive total of over 180,000 hours of labour, facilitated by a team of 133 operatives.

At any given point during the project, an average of 57 operatives were actively working on-site, demonstrating the depth of our commitment and the scale of our contribution. These operatives spanned across a diverse range of roles and specialisations, each playing a crucial part in the successful execution of Edward Street Quarter. The list of positions included project managers, night staff (both labour and management roles), carpenters, cleaners, general labourers, site managers, traffic marshals, slinger/banksmen, handymen, receptionists/administrative staff, telehandler operators, and document controllers.

Beyond our primary objective of providing skilled labour, we also partnered with the McLaren team to fulfil some of the s106 requirements and deliver additional benefits to the local community. Through this collaboration, a total of 11 workers were upskilled, contributing to the overall growth and development of the workforce in the area.

The ability to deliver such a comprehensive and tailored resourcing solution is a testament to the core expertise of our recruitment team. Regardless of the project's size or complexity, we take immense pride in our ability to respond effectively to our client's needs, consistently exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional results.

Dan Branch, our Divisional Manager, shared his insights on our involvement in the Edward Street Quarter project, stating,
We were brought on board during the middle of the Edward Street Quarter scheme's program to help improve the quality and reliability of the labour on-site.
This statement encapsulates our dedication to enhancing the overall project experience and ensuring the highest standards of performance.

The completion of Edward Street Quarter marks another milestone in The Shore Group's impressive track record of successful collaborations and project delivery. As we continue to forge ahead, we remain committed to providing outstanding recruitment services and being a reliable partner for future endeavours in the construction industry.

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Paul Parker
Paul ParkerBrand Manager