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EDAC Partnership A Legacy For Change

With May Rahmani, Account Manager at EDAC, announcing our charity partnership to support domestic abuse victims into the workplace.

EDAC The Employers Domestic Abuse Covenant is a pledge by businesses to support women affected by abuse to enter or re-enter the workplace. 
Working in partnership with EDAC it was great to hear from May Rahmani, the Account Manager at EDAC, giving us true insight into the amazing work that they do, and how collectively we can all support. 

“I joined the EDAC partnerships team in February 2022 as an account manager, the reason I got involved was that I heard about the covenant and wanted to do my part in effecting change and helping businesses to understand what they can do to support not only their employees who may have been affected by abuse but also for victims/survivors seeking opportunities to gain economic independence.
Before joining the partnerships team at EDAC, I worked in the private sector for nearly 20 years and I have to admit, domestic abuse did not seem very high on the corporate agenda. There was a reluctance to even talk about abuse let alone look at what can be done to support employees and the wider community by raising awareness and offering opportunities to victims and survivors. 

I have had the privilege to engage with so many organisations via EDAC and work on some innovative initiatives that have the potential to change lives and create a better future for all.”

“We encourage all of our EDAC members to work towards the key EDAC pledges as this will help shape a societal change and make a huge difference to those affected by domestic abuse. This includes everything from developing policies, creating safe spaces, appointing DA champions, training, offering mentoring, work placements, encouraging supply chains and partners to get involved and community engagement. 

We all have a role to play to not only address all forms of abuse but also to create a lifeline that will allow victims/survivors to move forward. One of the unique aspects of EDAC is the partnerships between members to develop innovative solutions such as digital skills and wellbeing courses, sector-specific activities, and much more.” 

“We know that domestic abuse can have a devastating impact that can affect anyone and that this costs the UK economy around £66bn each year. By signing up to EDAC, businesses can be part of a legacy for change and expect to receive support towards becoming an employer of choice. 

All we ask is for members to commit towards the 5 pledges to create a cultural change in addressing domestic abuse to not only support their employees but also so that victims/survivors can be part of their future workforce. 

The more members that commit to EDAC, the more we can all do to make a difference.” 


“You can go to our website www.edacuk.org and click on the button to sign up, it takes a few minutes and is free to apply. We will then do some checks and get in touch to arrange a call, answer any questions and help you get ‘project’ ready. 
We will then send out a welcome pack and work towards developing an action plan, which we will then review every 3, 6 or 12 months. You can also follow us on social media @EDAC_UK or request a call back via the website.”
May Rahmani, Account Manager, Employers Domestic Abuse Covenant (EDAC) www.edacuk.org.uk 0300 102 3231

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