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*Construction News* Is It Time To Kill Off The Corporate Golf Day

Lewis Yorke-Johnson discusses how Charity Golf Days reflect the gender gap in the construction industry. With a focus on taking action rather than sticking to old traditions to create a more diverse future for the industry.

Lewis Yorke-JohnsonCo-Founder
Our co-founder, Lewis Yorke-Johnson, recently ignited a viral discussion on LinkedIn about the lack of diversity in Charity Golf Days. Despite good intentions, last year's event exposed a harsh reality: with only 1 female golfer out of 100 participants, it mirrored the construction sector's low female representation (just over 10%).
This seemingly innocent choice – a golf day – subconsciously reinforced the gender gap in the industry, where less than 30% of golfers are women. The result? Virtually zero gender diversity at our flagship charity event.
While our company boasts a growing female workforce (around 40%), the industry as a whole faces a persistent gender imbalance. Industry leaders' efforts haven't quite bridged the gap.
The Path Forward: 
  • Male Allyship: Men in construction must become vocal champions for gender diversity.
  • Awareness is Key: Following Lewis Yorke-Johnson's lead, raising awareness about the lack of diversity is a critical first step.
  • Action over Tradition: Rethinking traditional industry events to be more inclusive is essential.
Charity golf days raise money for fantastic causes, offering a wonderful opportunity for the construction sector to give back. But achieving greater gender diversity might be an even more significant legacy for the construction industry to leave behind.
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Lewis Yorke-JohnsonCo-Founder