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Joy Huntley and Chloe May Reach 10-Year Milestone

Two 10-Year Anniversary Celebrations at The Shore Group

In an era where job hopping seems to be the norm, it's refreshing and inspiring to see individuals commit themselves wholeheartedly to a company for an extended period. We're thrilled to announce not just one, but two remarkable milestones as Joy Huntley and Chloe May celebrate an impressive 10 years with The Shore Group.

As Co-Founder Lewis expresses, "At Shore, we tend to go BIG when our team members hit their 10-year anniversaries, and today will be no exception." 

Joy and Chloe's dedication to their roles has been nothing short of exemplary, making them the 5th and 6th longest-standing members of our team and true Shore Group Legends.

Their contributions have played a significant role in shaping The Shore Group's success, and it's clear that our journey wouldn't have been the same without their unwavering commitment.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, a special lunch outing was planned and gifts, to reflect our appreciation for their service and loyalty.

Lewis Yorke-Johnson The Shore Group Co-founder had a few words to share about Joy Huntley, highlighting her exceptional qualities, saying, "Joy Huntley is organised, diligent, efficient, and professional. She operates under the radar, always providing support and always happy to help and muck in wherever possible. She epitomises good company DNA, and in our opinion, every successful company needs a Joy."

Joy's presence within our team has been invaluable, consistently embodying the values that define The Shore Group.

One of our esteemed clients also took the opportunity to commend Chloe May on her decade-long dedication, stating, "I am just dropping you a note to congratulate you and Chloe on her 10-year service anniversary. This really reflects on both you as the employer and Chloe as a dedicated employee – well done to both, it’s becoming rare to see such long service in our industry. 

Chloe really supports our Operational Team remarkably well. She maintains contact with all the managers and directors and accepts all the challenges that arise regarding resourcing our trades and labour with a fearless can-do attitude."

Chloe's fearless approach and unwavering commitment have been instrumental in driving success.

As we celebrate Joy and Chloe's remarkable achievements, we're reminded of the importance of loyalty, dedication, and teamwork in achieving greatness. They serve as shining examples to us all, embodying the core values that define The Shore Group.

Here's to Joy Huntley, Chloe May, and another decade of continued success and growth at The Shore Group. Congratulations!

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