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Five global recruitment trends to look out for.

The recruitment industry is constantly changing and evolving. Here are our five global trends to look out for this year:

  1. Mobile platforms will begin to control every aspect of recruiting – It’s predicted that two billion consumers worldwide will own a smartphone by 2016, and with this comes an increase of people who search the web on their phone vs. desktop. This means more people will be looking for jobs straight from their phone, which in turn means recruiters will need to provide ways for jobs to come directly to their consumers. That’s why you’ll see a rise in apps with location-based notifications; such as the new Shore Group app.
  2. Videos are dominating recruitment – Videos have become a more popular form of recruitment, over static imagery and text. Recruiters constantly need to think of ways to get people interested in a job, especially given that in recent years, employment levels have fluctuated. Online video is said to account for 50% of all mobile traffic, so it’s really worth recruitment companies investing in this powerful tool.
  3. Online profiles are taking over – Social media has become one of the most widely used platforms on the internet, and that’s no different when it comes to recruitment. LinkedIn profiles can be a lot more accurate than CV’s as they’re more easily updated and are a way to connect with people in the same industry. Plus, profiles can be accessed straight from your smartphone whilst you’re out and about.
  4. Increased focus on the quality of hiring – Globally, recruiters have put this point to the top of their lists. It has become an increasingly important factor, as it’s a valuable metric for company performance. It’s the best way to boost organisational successes, rather than referrals which were at top of the list previously.
  5. Closing the gap between active and passive candidates – In 2015 so far, we’ve seen a big shift in the importance of targeting not only active candidates who are searching for jobs, but also passive ones. Over 70% of industry professionals would count themselves as passive; which shows that there’s a big audience to be missed if recruiters don’t think about how to target them. This is where companies can capitalise on LinkedIn and social media to advertise job leads.

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